(continued from page 1) slouched in my decrepit La-Z-Boy recliner in Eastport, with stacks of books, boating magazines and tea mugs all around, or seated primly at an orderly spare desk at Knight Associates, with discussions about residential architecture ebbing and flowing as I work. A lot of my time has been taken up by non-U.S. entries. I finish the process of making them into American English and conventional nautical usage, which is a great deal of fun, not unlike doing crossword puzzles.

When Lucia comes to Eastport, she brings with her the type of work which she can better do at my kitchen table, uninterrupted except for the occasional visit of a neighbor or two. In Blue Hill we drink better liquor and have quieter and more polite conversations with longer trains of thought. We’re enjoying the contrasts and it’s keeping our work lives refreshed and dynamic. Wherever we are there’s always a lot to laugh about, and we’re always much aware that we got into the EYD together partly because we are old friends, and one of the best things about doing it has been making more friends all around the world as well as in each others’ home towns.

Designed by William Atkin and built in 1925, Eric
is owned by Dan MacNaughton, Eastport,
Maine and sailed in the Passamaquoddy Bay
region of Maine and Canada.


Title: The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers
Editors: Lucia del Sol Knight and Daniel B. MacNaughton
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co., New York & London
Publication date: Late winter, 2001
Length: approximately 320 pages

Size: oversize 9-1/2” x 12”
Artwork: About 700 duotone photographs and line
drawings in black and white
Approximate retail price: $125

We are profiling over 500 yacht designers worldwide from the early 1800’s to the present in one comprehensive volume. The designers have been carefully selected from thousands of worthy candidates, without restriction to boat types or construction materials.

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