Our Writers
Aarre, Bent ~ Scandinavia
Aut dem Garten, Klaus ~ Germany
Backus, Jim ~ U.S.
Barker, B. Devereux ~ U.S.
Belloni, Franco ~ Italy
Bergius, Pol ~ U.K.
Bray, Maynard and Anne ~ U.S.
Braschos, Erdmann ~ Germany
Broeke, Rutger ten ~ The Netherlands
Chevalier, François~ France
Christmann, Volker ~ Germany
Cox, Dave ~ So. Africa/New Zealand
Crosby, Carol ~ U.S.
Cuthbert, Penny ~ Australia
Daniels, Peter ~ U.K.
Dear, Ian ~ U.K.
Elliott, Robin ~ New Zealand
Fletcher, Daina ~ Australia
Friedl, Egmont ~ Germany
Fuller, Ben ~ U.S.
Gabirault, Dominique ~ France
Gallant, Tom ~ Canada
Gribbins, Joe ~ U.S.
Gruet, Noël ~ France
Hayashi, Kennosuke - Japan
Howland, Llewellyn III ~ U.K.
Hunter, Doug ~ Canada
Jeffery, Tim ~ U.K.
Johansen, Jon B. ~ U.S.
Keeley, Robert ~ Australia
Kidd, Harold ~ New Zealand
Knight, Lucia del Sol ~ U.S.
Lammerting, Kristin ~ Germany
Lesher, Pete ~ U.S.
MacNaughton, Daniel ~ U.S., U.K.
Mellefont, Jeff ~ Australia
Minas, Sylvia ~ Italy
McCurdy, Sheila ~ U.S.
O’Brien, Mike ~ U.S.
Pardon, David ~ New Zealand
Payne, David ~ Australia, New Zealand
Payne, Geoff ~ Australia
Pickthall, Barry ~ Argentina
Rappaport, Stephen ~ U.S.
Rice, Jonathan ~ U.S.
Roach, Thomas– South Africa, Canada
Rohrer, J. Scott ~ U.S., Canada
Rothfield, Mark ~ Australia
Rousmaniere, John ~ U.S.
Rührdanz, Hartmut ~ Germany
Ryder-Turner, David ~ U.K.
Schock, Charlie ~ U.S.
Schön, Gerhard ~ Germany
Skahill, Thomas G. ~ U.S.
Smith, Brian ~ U.K.
Somer, Jack ~ U.S., Germany, the Netherlands, U.K.
Steele, Mark ~ New Zealand
Stephens, Olin – U.S.
Stephens, Robert ~ U.S.
Taglang, Jacques ~ France, Monaco, Switzerland
Villarosa, Ricardo ~ Italy
Voigt, Walter ~ U.S.
Robert Volmer, Robert ~ Germany
Wallstrom, Bob ~ U.S.
Wetjen, Eberhard ~ Germany

One of the unexpected pleasures of working on the EYD has been our interaction with the diverse and talented individuals who are writing for the book. We had been working on the Encyclopedia for some time before we fully realized that we would need writers, and quite a few of them, in order to research and write all the entries in a timely manner. The eagerness with which the people we contacted have taken up the challenge has been truly gratifying, and the material which is flowing in is simply fascinating. Indeed, the warmth of these individuals and their passion for the subject matter has redoubled our own enthusiasm.

Each of the writers earns a share in the proceeds from the book, but this payment will be so modest that it is clearly a love for the subject matter which motivates them.

We have grown professionally in the process. Having written most of the entries he will write himself, Dan is moving strongly into copy editing and has developed a much stronger appreciation for the fact that "just an extra 100 words for this designer" is not as reasonable a request as it sounds! Lucia has now written some entries herself, and has a new understanding of how much time and effort is involved in that. We also have a clearer realization that writers, who are artists after all, must be treated as individuals and with respect for their varying work habits and styles. It’s been fun, so much so in some cases that we hope to stay in touch with many of our writers long after the Encyclopedia is on book shelves all around the world.

So we urge everyone who is involved with the EYD to cast their eyes on this list of its writers with the countries whose designers they write about--we owe them a big slice of gratitude and respect.

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