We visited various places in the spring working the book in Boston, Maine, Martha's Vineyard, and New York. We met with various individuals and organizations to publicize the book, solicit feedback, ferret out information for the book, meet with nautical publications, and recruit board members and subscribers. In Boston, we met with Kurt Hasselbalch of the Hart Nautical Collections at the MIT Museum (subscriber #64), our primo editoral board member Louie Howland (subscriber #8 & 26), Don Perrot of John G. Alden Naval Architects (subscriber #69), Steve Ward of C. Raymond Hunt Associates, and Dev Barker, new Editorial Board member. In Maine, we met with Bob Johnstone, new Editorial Board member, designer Bruce King, and Nathan Lipfert, Librarian at the Maine Maritime Museum.

On the Vineyard, we met with Ginny Jones (subscriber #50) and designer Nathaniel Benjamin. The Gannon and Benjamin yard overlooks a harbor filled with beautiful schooners (Alabama, Shenandoah, Brilliant, Chantey, and When and If on a recent day). In New York, we met with Peter Neill of the South Street Seaport and got a good look around and were able to see the Beken of Cowes exhibit and the Patrick O'Brian exhibit. Peter had lots of ideas for new subscribers and graciously offered to co-host a party with W.W. Norton when the Encyclopedia comes out in the spring of the year 2000. Our editor at Norton, Jim Mairs (subscriber #45 and a member of the Editorial Board) put us up at the New York Yacht Club (subscriber #70), which was quite an experience for Dan, Bob and me. Joseph Jackson, the librarian, gave us a tour of the club whose walls are chock full of beautifully photographed and painted yachts. The library is the most extensive one we've been in and Joseph Jackson most hospitable, giving us carte blanche to the books for hours and hours. And in Greenwich, Connecticut, Charles Barthold, Editor of Yachting Magazine, is assisting us in our search for large-yacht advisers and will link our website to theirs plus print a blurb in an upcoming issue of Yachting about the Encyclopedia.