Newsletter 4/01

13 April, 2001


If I can get enough help, we will meet our deadline of this coming fall to turn all text and illustrations over to Jim Mairs at W.W. Norton. Then, over the course of a year, he will turn it into a book. I’m ready! Here’s where I need help:

Illustrations: Several people have asked me to tell them exactly what I want for illustrations (drawings and/or photos, specific named yachts, etc.). I am working hard right now coordinating a trillion details and so I’d like you guys not to wait but to submit to me as many possibilities as you can. Easiest and safest is to send photocopies and let me know what format I can expect them to be in when and if specific images are chosen. Remember: there will be approximately 700 illustrations in the book. They represent a lot of work. Please help.

Don’t forget that we have a budget for illustrations (thank you, Subscribers). The average we have budgeted is $50 per image. Some are going to cost us more, some less, some will be free. It is vitally important that we acknowledge copyrighted material and credit and/or pay for the images. Attention to these details is essential.

Writers – still need a few more for U.S. and U.K. designers. The rest of the world did fine. Contact me for details.

Collections: It is our intention to have information at the end of entries, where appropriate, on where designers’ plans are located. Anyone anywhere having specific information should tell me. I’d also happily accept research assistance in contacting various museums, libraries, and associations to ensure that this vital information is included in the Encyclopedia. Barney Boardman has developed a slick form that is most useful when talking to archivists, etc. Let me know if you want a copy.

Bibliography: (Writers take note) Our list is growing and I’d like to remind you that this is an important source for readers who want to learn more. Please take the time to send me the details of books and articles that were essential to you in writing entries.

That’s the bulk of help I need. Together, let’s get this thing turned into a fabulous book.

More news

Handicap and rating rules: I’m very happy to say that Sir Peter Johnson of Lymington, England, author of Yachtsman’s Guide to the Rating Rule (Quadrangle Books, 1972) has agreed to write an appendix on handicap and rating rules. He’s come up with a list that is circulating through the Editorial Board. There are bound to be more rules surfacing from around the globe that merit space and we’ll carefully select the ones that will be elaborated upon by Peter. This is another important place for a list of further reading.

Our trip to England, Scotland and France: I am also pleased to tell everyone that Bob and I are off to collect photos and drawings for the book, leaving April 23rd. Due to foot and mouth disease, this will not be the trip we originally envisioned, but will be productive whether we traipse through meadows or not. Anyone with leads to collections of photos or drawings, please let me know soon.

The Editorial Board: This has been a busy Board. They have received hundreds of entries from me and in many cases have commented extensively, providing corrections and suggestions that have strengthened and improved the entries. Their input is significant. I am very grateful to them for caring so much about the quality of the Encyclopedia.

New Board members: We welcome new members Tom Roach of Cape Town, South Africa, Bette Kough Noble of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Luis Sáenz Mariscal of Madrid, Spain. Welcome aboard and thanks for all your help so far.

William Collier: I’m sorry to report that William Collier has withdrawn from the Editorial Board, mostly due to his intense involvement with the George Watson-designed 300’ steam yacht Nahlin. We are grateful to him for his past assistance, and wish him luck with Nahlin.

Designs to Inspire – From The Rudder 1897 – 1942: Anne and Maynard Bray’s latest book includes in the introduction a nice boost for the Encyclopedia. Our sincere thanks.

And thanks to you all! Inundate me with the material that will complete the book as quickly as you can.


Lucia del Sol Knight, Editor