Reader Comments

"Hi Lucia, We've been so busy reading your lovely book that I haven't had (or, in truth, hadn't yet taken) the time to send along Anne's and my congratulations. It's a classic and will be a primary reference for many, many years. I'm so glad that Norton went all out for a good printer. It pays, at least from the readers' point of view.

"P.S. Steve's write-up [Steve Rappaport in the Ellsworth American] was wonderful, but then again, so were his subjects." Maynard Bray, Brooklin, Maine. Writer and Subscriber.

"Dear Lucia, I began reading the EYD last night at 8:00 and was still reading when my eyes shuts at 11:40. Harry Potter, move out of the way. Here comes Dan and Lucia!" Louie Howland, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Writer, Subscriber, and member of the Editorial Board.

"Dear Lucia, I saw a copy of The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers at the NYYC library yesterday and was knocked out of my socks, sea boots, whatever. The publishing job is superb, with that wonderful paper and those magnificent reproductions. Even as coffee table books go, it is at the highest level. When I sampled some text—somehow or another finding words that are familiar—I found it presented in excellent fonts and layouts. No over design or crowding here.

"So, congratulations to you and Dan." John Rousmaniere, New York, New York. Writer, Subscriber, and member of the Editorial Board.

"Dear Lucia, Well, BRAVA! What a beautiful job you and Dan and your contributors have done on the Encyclopedia. It's an awesome piece of work—and I hardly even use the word awesome anymore since it entered the lexicon of overuse.

"I can't imagine what it must feel like to finally have seen it printed and bound, but I suspect that you might feel something akin to a post-partum sense of "now what?" It has been your focus and struggle for so long, it must be strange to not have it still to work on.

"But not only is the content of the book admirable; the production of it is truly superb: paper, printing, halftones, typography—the whole thing. It's really a fine, fine piece of work.

"You deserve much credit—and you certainly deserve a rest. I hope and trust that you're getting that, and that the copies are sailing off the shelves.

"Again, a beautiful job, and deep congratulations. With best wishes to you and Bob." Jon Wilson (and Sherry Streeter), Brooklin, Maine. Subscribers.

"It has arrived. Wow. OK, back to page turning." Kim (and Susan) Bottles, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Subscribers.

"Dear Lucia, It is only yesterday that I received the book. Of course, I immediately opened the box and had a first glimpse of the book. And I was, still am, and for a long time, amazed. As the book is organized alphabetically, one makes huge jumps in time and type of boat. One of the nicest "jumps" I have seen so far is from Fife to Finot! Two different worlds (even planets) but created thanks to the same spirit. It is absolutely fascinating to get such an overview over the enormous diversity of the boat building.

"Many thanks to you and to all the people that participated in creating this master work that will with no doubt become a milestone in the yacht literature." Jean-Marc Ritzenthaler, Bern, Switzerland. Subscriber.

"Lucia, Our copies arrived in great shape. Words fail me. It's the best. Robin (Elliott), however, has a small complaint. He says it's hell to read in bed." Harold Kidd, Robin Elliott, Auckland, New Zealand. Writers.

"Dear Lucia, The Encyclopedia has arrived, and what a book it is! Congratulations! It is wonderful! After all these years, what a great result! And thank you so much for letting me be a part of it!

"I keep reading it and I keep marveling at it! Many of the entries are not just informative (as they'd better be!), but also make for plain good reading, like a good book should.

"And some entries are simply poetic. I guess that is most often the case when an author really appreciates "his" designer. As Louie Howland certainly does when he writes about Starling Burgess! I always liked Louie, but even without that I would like him for only that phrase. And there are many more.

"And then those plans and photos! I am so glad to see all the drawings by Chevalier & Taglang and, of course, the many Stebbins photos!

"Now what? In a way it's sad to see this end. What are your next plans?" Claas van der Linde, Loemmenschwil, Switzerland. Writer, Subscriber, and member of the Editorial Board.

"Hi Lucia, We think the book is fabulous! The design is lovely, very straightforward and clear, and the printing is excellent. The half tones are rich and full, not an easy thing to achieve.....It must feel amazing for you and Dan to hold all those years and all that work so tangibly in your hands now and know that you're finally done -- and it's a job well done. Congratulations! Rest on your laurels!" Sherry Streeter (and Jon Wilson), Brooklin, Maine. Subscribers.

"Today it's Christmas in November! What an incredible jog and what a superb book! I'm very proud to be a small part of it. Congratulations to you both. I remember when you came to see me near Paris and then in Gensac. Bravissimo! I think I'll spend all day reading it. Grosses bises, Lucia, and again bravo." Jacques Taglang, Strasbourg, France. Subscriber, writer, member of the Editorial Board.

"Dear Lucia: The surprise of my life was when Lucie suggested that we get married. This was in our Tel Aviv apartment after we had been living together for over a year during which my dearly beloved had informed me many times that she did not want to marry me, rather she wanted to ADOPT me!

"This afternoon came close, however, as a few minutes before I left for a reception at the German Embassy, this huge box arrived! You guessed it: it was the long awaited EYD. What a beautiful job it is. Really fabulous! Very many thanks for traveling this long road and inviting us to be at least a little part of it." Tom Roach and Lucie Edwards, New Delhi, India. Writer and member of the Editorial Board.

"Greetings, Lucia, First of all, thank you very much for sending the copy of the book, which I received yesterday, and it is beautiful! Once again, congratulations on a job well done. The photos are fantastic and the whole thing looks wonderful....... [later] I had a bit more of a chance to read the Encyclopedia this past week and am truly delighted with the quality and quantity of the entries.  My compliments to both you and Dan on a magnificent piece of work!  I had fun reading about old favorite designers like John L. Hacker, W. P. Stephen and a whole bunch of new (to me) ones that I'm sure will become more familiar with over time." Scott Peters, Lansing, Michigan. Writer.

"Dear Lucia, I received the book today. Che bello! A wonderful book!" Piero Gibellini, Riva Historical Society, Milan, Italy. Writer.

"Dear Lucia, Thank you very much for sending my copy of The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers! The cover design, the print quality, and the reproduction of the photographs are outstanding. The only shadow I regret is that the model shipbuilders do not have the chance of building scale models of any drawing and that the drawings do not relate to the photographs. I suppose that copyright problems are the reason for this. Kind regards." Dr. Gerhard Schön, Goppingen, Germany. Writer.

"Hi Lucia, It's arrived! Thanks very much for the book, which arrived by courier last Thursday. I must say it's magnificent, words fail me! After a lifetime in sailing, I thought I knew all the designers from the 1900's at least, but there are many new names in your book. Again, congratulations, it is a fantastic piece of work, well worth waiting for." Dave Cox, Durban, South Africa. Writer.

"Hello Lucia, The book arrived today mid-afternoon, I was home working on my designs (it's back to the museum tomorrow for the rest of the week). I gave it to my parents to look at first, and they were thrilled with the presentation and the pages on the Payne family members.

Then Clare and the boys came home and they have been looking through it too, lots of complimentary remarks. I will have to borrow it back and have another look through myself.

......I have now been able to go through the book and by gosh it's great to see it all so elegantly laid out. I do like it all in black and white, too. I don't recall this being anything discussed widely, but to me it looks more scholarly done this way, rather than jumping between B/W and colour. There is a marvelous range of images too, lovely to see some of the really old drawings that is probably all that's left to show for that designer or that boat.

"I've looked through the Australian and New Zealand entries, good to see again after a break from editing and updating them. On a few I now know more about the person as a result of the last year's work with the ANMM (Australian National Maritime Museum), so not surprisingly I can think of things to add or an emphasis to change.

"Two errors have come to my attention, one is simple, the Gretel II drawing for Alan Payne should be credited to Taglang/Chevalier like the others from their book; it is accidentally credited to me. In the A.C. Barber entry, he is credited with an OBE award which was the information supplied to me at the time I wrote it. I now think that in fact he did not get this award at all. He may well have some other community award, his work was varied and he would be deserving of something, I would think, but I cannot find him listed for an OBE in the Australian honours having gone through a new site on the web which records all the details. Sorry about what now appears to be a mistake we might have avoided." David Payne, Sydney, Australia. Designer, writer and member of the Editorial Board.

"The EYD arrived this morning. It is a lovely publication and must have been a nightmare to compile. Congratulations. Having only glanced through it so far, you may well have to follow up with another volume covering the rising stars of both power and sail!!" George Nicholson, Cannes, France. Subscriber.

"Lucia, I have already used (the book) to search out some information about C. Raymond Hunt. You guys did a nice job giving him some of the credit he is due. He never gets quite the press he deserves, usually people think of him as just Boston Whaler or Deep Vee, but when you look at his work you see what could be the kind of diversity and imagination only found elsewhere with N.G. Herreshoff.

"In any event you guys should be very very proud of yourselves. This is just a spectacular work and it was well worth the wait. Bravo!" Kim Bottles, Bainbridge Island, Washington. Subscriber.

"Dear Dan and Lucia, Lucia very promptly sent me another copy of the Encyclopedia which appears to have all the pages. Thank you very much. This is an incredible book, which catapults you both into great prominence. I am very honored to have a copy, let alone be related to Dan and know Lucia." Tom MacNaughton, Eastport, Maine. Designer.

"Dear Lucia, Now I'm holding the EYD in my hands and I can only say: Beautiful — and very noble and well done in design and layout — majestic? Absolutely! Now I need to start reading....." Egmont Friedl, Waakirchen, Germany. Writer and Subscriber.

"Dear Lucia, It's arrived, the former figment of you imagination, and now a reality! Sincere congratulations to you and Daniel for all the patience and hard work that this must have involved. Very many thanks indeed. Enjoy your talk to the NYYC." Peter Daniels, Eyemouth, Scotland. Writer.

"Lucia, We are in receipt of one of the most beautiful objects known to mankind. Beautiful and profoundly useful for those of us to whom the writing on an entry was but the beginning of a larger quest. Thank you so very much for all of your efforts, it would be a pleasure to meet you in person some day. Perhaps at the rumored gathering of writers? Count us in should this materialize." Jonathan and Lindsley Rice, Wittman, Maryland. Writers.

"Dear Lucia, I am reading every evening in the EYD and am learning a lot. Llewellyn Howland's writing style is simply fantastic and very charming. Very enjoyable and interesting! I also enjoyed the fact that you wrote an article about the Rybovich yard which I always regarded important.

"Well, Tore Heerlin is one of the most important Swedish designers.....Carlo Sciarrelli is an outstanding personality and this country's most complete and prepared classic yacht designer and historian......Luke of Hamble may actually be less famous but the yard has produced a large number of beautiful yachts at the beginning of the last century......I also missed some German designers who I admit may not be so famous internationally but who contributed a lot to the centerboard dinghy and square metre scene and also wrote important books. For example, Carl Mertens, Arthur Tiller (I just read that Henry Scheel worked at his office in Berlin for some time), Manfred Curry, Kurt Grunewald and Anton Miglitsch. After all, Germany has historically been the third most important country in yachting.

"Oh, I hope not to annoy you. I just started chatting.....My most sincere compliments again." Lukas Reimbold, Milan, Italy. Subscriber.

"Wow…..This is the most amazing thing I have ever read. Unlike Bob's book (Bob Knight, A House on the Water), which I already had an understanding of architecture, I find myself a complete novice when it comes to yachts.

"After flipping through the entire book looking at pictures, I found myself captivated by the stories about the designers, builders and techniques used to build these beautiful yachts. You've (once again) opened my eyes to another amazing world.

"I've learned never to underestimate your ability to accomplish feats, but I am blown away by the complexity of this endeavor, and by the way you and Dan have built this encyclopedia to match the beauty of these yachts.

"Your great-great-great grandchildren will be as impressed as I am. You've provided a great service to the yacht design industry, its history, and its future.

"I am so proud of you!

"Congratulations to you, Dan, all of your writers, editors, contributors, and publisher. I would also like to offer a sincere thank you to Bob, for without him, all of our lives would not be what they are now. I love you. I am a fan." Timothy Goodwin, Dallas, Texas. Son of Bob and Lucia.

"Dear Lucia and Dan, It's magnificent! My copy is already very well thumbed and I really hope you go to a second edition eventually, I guess after a few reprints…..Because it can of course be even better!" Iain McAllister, Stege, Denmark. Writer and member of the Editorial Board.

"Dear Lucia, The Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers arrived. What a stunning piece of art you created! Congratulations on this unique and very special twins! It must have been a very tough time but now your baby is born and it is so fantastic.

"I love the blue linen and the presentation in the exclusive box. The layout is perfect and I like the thick paper and the excellent quality of drawings and photos. Everything is just super! It is a book for eternity!!

"I can imagine all the hard work and organization you put into it. But it was worth it. Please also my best regards and compliments to your co-author, Dan MacNaughton. Udo and I are very proud to have your book and will value it forever." Kristin and Udo Lammerting, Cologne, Germany. Subscribers.

"Lucia: EYD just received. It is really BEAUTIFUL! So elegant!

"And, William and John's sections really wonderful. Dan is such a great writer. He is so sensitive that I get tears in my eyes, the way he writes of the two men!

"THANK, THANK you so very much!" Pat Atkin, Noroton, Connecticut. Subscriber and daughter-in-law of William Atkin, widow of John Atkin.

"My Subscriber copy arrived this morning…..I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I opened the book! It is truly amazing and beautifully crafted, I shall treasure it forever!

"Congratulations to you both, it is a remarkable achievement and well worth the wait. Thank you!" Malcolm Johnston, Isle of Bute, Scotland. Subscriber.

"Dear Lucia, I have just taken safe delivery of your fine big, bouncing baby. All your considerable labours have not been in vain. Indeed it is only when one views the considerable amount of information that you have drawn together that one can see what a gap there had been in our knowledge before. That so many abstruse Victorian designers have made their way in is particularly a cause for celebration.

"Looking to the future, by the very nature of these things, the fact that so much information has been set before the public it is inevitable that both additional information and perhaps corrections will come to your notice. It would be great if there was some way of sharing those new insights, perhaps by maintaining your website. However I am sure that for the moment you just want to sit back and start to relax.

"Thank you very much indeed for my copy, which is likely to be at my bedside for some considerable time!" Martin Black, London, England. Writer.

"It's here! And WOW! What an exciting book to look forward to perusing. Congratulations for an extraordinary job so well completed. I am sure that you must need a long vacation.

"Thank you and all your cohorts for all that you did to provide those of us interested in yachts and yacht design with this wonderful book." Ben Emory, Salisbury Cove, Maine. Subscriber.

"Lucia, The book is simply great! Comprehensive, but eminently readable—and the photography is wonderful. I opened the box and didn't move from the spot for at least an hour. Julie and I are proud to be sponsors with all those luminaries of sailing. Congratulations again." Steve and Julie Hintz, Bangor, Maine. Subscribers.

"Dear Lucia, Impressive service via UPS. After a very quick whiz through, it is clear that the content is breathtaking in its quality and extent. The book is beautifully bound and produced. The plain cover is far it. It makes it even more inviting. Wonderful work. Congratulations!!" Pol Bergius, Salisbury, Dorset, England. Subscriber and writer.

"Lucia, The book arrived today. Wow! I wasn't expecting anything this luxurious—it's gorgeous! And signed already!

"I will have to spend some quality time with the book to fully appreciate it but it's easy to tell already that an amazing amount of work went into it. Congratulations!" John Rock, Santa Monica, California. Subscriber.

"Hi Lucia, The book arrived last Friday…..Congratulations! You have done an admirable job. The encyclopedia is a triumph of research and will be a treasure in our library. I know these words seem inadequate as you look back at the hours spent but you have again done a superb job. My next question is simple: not what will be next but when will we see you again?" Barney Boardman, Blue Hill, Maine. Subscriber and member of the Editorial Board.

"Lucia, The gorgeous book has arrived. My husband took a very rare day off so he happened to be home to get his present straight from the UPS man. Remarkable! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job." Susan (and Terry) Jones, Jamestown, Rhode Island. Subscribers.

"Lucia, I received a very special reward for staying home sick from work on Monday. My edition of the EYD arrived and I got to spend the entire day reading it. Absolutely beautiful. One of the finest delayed birthday presents I have ever received.

"Thank you for making such a great contribution to the literature of yachting. P.S. I did notice that the birth day entry for Roger Marshall makes him out to be quite the child prodigy….." Terry Jones, Jamestown, Rhode Island. Subscriber.

"Hi! They have arrived! I received the huge, heavy box as I returned from class. I opened our copy and it is beautiful. It is quite impressive and does honor to all yours and Dan's work. You should be very proud! Congratulations!!" Suzy Katsuda (and David Urmston), Los Angeles, California. Subscribers.

"Hi Lucia, The Book just arrived!!!! It's beautiful!!! Congratulations on a magnificent accomplishment!" Frank Schattauer [Schattauer Sails], Seattle, Washington. Subscriber.

"Lucia: EYD looks wonderful, a triumph really, and all credit to you for staying the course on an incredible project. Many congratulations." Dev Barker, Danvers, Massachusetts. Subscriber and member of the Editorial Board.

"Got it day before yesterday and a fine book it is.....too nice to use. It even passed my wife's ex-librarian well-made book test. I will spend more than a few hours with it. Pics also well done, something not always the case this day and age......Bravo Zulu." Ben Fuller, Cushing, Maine. Subscriber.

"A spectacular job! Like having a 450-foot home run to look at every day." Alex Turner, Belfast, Maine. Subscriber.

"Dear Lucia, The splendid book has safely arrived. First of all I want to thank you for making the entry on Bruno Veronese absolutely perfect and for writing such sweet words about the author of the entry! I wish Rhode Island (IYRS book celebration 11-19-05) were closer to Genoa and cheer with you all. Please, keep in touch and let me know about the wonderful event. Should you happen to come to Genoa, don't forget to let me know, I would be delighted to show you around." Silvia Minas, Genoa, Italy. Subscriber and writer.

"Dear Lucia, I have received the volume and I want to congratulate with you for the important work you have done. It will be a very useful point of reference for all of us passionate people lacking a text as the one written by you.

"I am sure that some time you will work on a second edition. In such occasion do not hesitate in contacting me as several Italian designers are missing (i.e. Anselmi Boretti, Santarelli and mainly Carlo Sciarelli, the present leader of this Country designers with more than 200 yachts built!)

"Best regards to your husband and to you many renewed congratulations." Luigi Lang, Milan, Italy. Supporter.